Rally of the Tall Pines 2015

A milestone event for the RPR team. Our first Canadian National podium. 3rd overall and 1st place in the OPRC, clinching our first ever Ontario Performance Rally Championship. After the event we were flooded with comments and messages about how entertaining we were to watch. The biggest compliment we have received to date. 

Rallye Defi 2015

Rallye Defi was a huge leap in performance for RPR. Finishing 1st in the OPRC and 6th Overall, but the real difference was having John Hall in the Co-Driving seat. Inspiring Norris to push the car to speeds that he hadn't achieved before. This would be a turning point for the future.


Recapping the fourth round of the 2015 Ontario Performance Rally Championship: Rallye Défi

Black Bear Rally 2015

This was our first attempt at the Black Bear Rally. Rough roads and a turbo issue ensured this event would not be easy. With Jeff Hagan co-driving we had a great battle with Eric Vlasic and ended up with a podium finish allowing us to crawl back up the OPRC standings. 3rd overall was a great achievement for us and would start the push up the leader board.  


Recapping the third round of the 2015 Ontario Performance Rally Championship: The Black Bear Rally

Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs 2015

Our first time travelling this far east. We showed great pace from the get go and this was the first time that we were on the fringe of the speed of some of the top competitors. With big jumps, big crowds and big speeds this event has became one of my favourite. A few turbo issues left us with an 8th Overall finish. But we were still happy with the performance at the end of the day.

Lanark Highlands Forest Rally 2015

Was good to shake down the car on gravel for the first time. We had to finish the event after only four stages due to a work commitment, but was good to have Jeff Hagan co-driving for the first time. 


Recapping the second round of the Ontario Performance Rally Championship Season: The Lanark Highlands Forest Rally. Music: "Closing titles (instrumental) by Silence Is Sexy (www.silenceissexy.nl) "Seasong" by Sam Gas Can (samgascan.bandcamp.com)

Rallye Perce Neige 2015

What a result! We made it to the finish with the new car in one piece. Winning the OPRC event and coming fifth overall. Donal did a fantastic job on the notes and my service team kept us trucking all day. One for the memory books for sure!


Recapping the first round of the 2015 Ontario Performance Rally Championship: Rallye Perce Neige